Friday, May 19, 2017

Don't you just love that new cover art smell?

Good afternoon!

I know it's months away from the actual release of the new Nora Hill Mystery:  Warning in Waukesha, but I'm super excited about the cover...mostly because it came together SUPER quickly and while I thought it would be the rough draft, I might just keep it!

The fun part of doing my own publishing is that I have quite a bit of control when it comes to cover art and many cases I do my own.  The Nora books have taken on a theme of a single point of light in a fairly dark picture.  I love this one because of the purple hues, and because the image reminds me of the Fox River in Waukesha.

The book itself isn't quite done and I'm thinking it'll be a Thanksgiving release provided I stay focused and finish it in reality and not just in my head.    But I needed to share this with you!

Meanwhile, if you haven't read the first two Nora Hill Mysteries, check them out!

Nora Hill is a woman in search of many things: Plots for her series of best selling young adult novels; the perfect place to leave her father’s ashes; a reason why God would expect her to come to Him when He’s given her prosopagnosia, face blindness, and can’t recognize anyone’s face, least of all God’s.
Along the way, Nora finds herself searching for something else: Every time she turns around, there’s a child missing and Nora knows she has the ability, the gift to find endangered children who can’t, or don’t want to be found. Uncomfortable with the notoriety this ability gives her, Nora still answers the call to search for children because her beloved father told her this was God’s gift to balance out the face blindness.
Visiting her old hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Nora hopes to send her father’s ashes into Lake Michigan and leave town before anyone recognizes her. Major car trouble dashes her hopes, and she finds herself trapped for a weekend in a town full of terrible memories. When the manhunt for a former classmate’s asthmatic daughter turns up empty, Nora must battle her own personal feelings and do her best to find the girl before it’s too late.

Nora Hill is a woman who likes to keep the people in her life at arm’s reach both from her and from each other. Her family knows nothing about her literary agent. Her literary agent, Connie, thinks she’s an orphan. And no one knows about her friendship with Jack Terrell and his daughter, Sam. Keeping them separated makes Nora’s life less complicated. Living life with face blindness and an unwanted, yet undeniable, ability to locate at-risk missing children is enough for Nora to manage.
All she wants to do is prove to her mother that Lake Superior is not too cold for swimming. But, when Nora loses her cell phone she sets into motion a chain of events that sends these separate segments of her life crashing into each other. Suddenly, everyone in her life has questions only she can answer.
Under strict orders to stay in Superior, Wisconsin until Connie can ship a new phone to her, Nora wants to pass the time as anonymously as possible. That hope is shattered the minute she checks into her hotel and she realizes she’s meant to use her ability to find Jamison Thatcher, a young boy who recently removed from his home when school officials discovered bruises on his body and accused his parents of abuse. One problem: Jamison Thatcher is not missing. He’s on TV, he’s at restaurants, he’s everywhere.
It’s a long holiday weekend and while Nora tries to unravel the mystery of a missing child who isn’t missing and clear the good name of Jamison’s parents, she accidentally uncovers a secret about her own past. While she’d prefer to stay in Superior and never face what’s lurking in the deep recesses of her locked memories, Nora knows she has to move forward and keep searching for the truth.

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