Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's here! It's here! "Love is Eternal" is Finally here!

Good afternoon!

I'm doing that happy dance of joy an author does when she/he publishes something.  And, after much delay and even more laziness on my part, the final piece of the Prequel Trilogy is complete!

Ladies and Gentlemen:  LOVE IS ETERNAL!

This is actually the second volume in my Rock Harbor Short Romance series.  Chronologically, at least.  I wrote it last because it was the hardest to write.  The three short romances are all the beginning of the three couples in "Lies in Chance"  :  Joanna and Drew, an established married couple in Lies; Robert and Molly, who are not together in Lies; and Bryan and Jennifer, who are also not together in Lies, but for a vastly different reason.  I'll admit it, Bryan and Jennifer were easiest to write.  I have always had a very clear vision, since I was very young, of how those two got together.  But Drew and Joanna took some doing because they were, when I began writing Lies, a married couple and have always been together in my head.  Thinking of them as separate, even for a short romance, was not easy.

And then we have Molly and Robert.  Those of you who have read Lies in Chance know why they aren't together.  Those of you who know me know therefore, how difficult writing this story was for me.  But I've always known, in my heart, what had to happened between these two, and now, today, it's here.

So, what are the links?  Well, look below!

Kindle:   (The book will be available in print on Amazon, but not for a couple more days.)

Nook (This was published on 5/28. If it's not there yet, just give it a day, it'll be there.)

Print via Createspace  (All of my books are available in print here, and all authors get a far bigger piece of the profit through Createspace than through Amazon.)

All other reading devices (This is for all you Apple and Sony folks and if you just want to print it on your computer or read it on your computer while you're at work, this is the way to go.)

I'm tremendously excited to have completed this project!  Enjoy!

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