Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year we Have a Winner!

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Okay, okay, I'm what, like 32 hours late on that?  Hey, I'm not a youngster anymore, I'm not about to be standing outside in the cold with a million other people watching Ryan Seacrest do yet another job.  (As a side note, some Americans are worried about illegal immigrants taking jobs...I think we need to take a look at Ryan Seacrest and how many jobs he's taking from other Americans...just
sayin'.)  Anyway, I've never been one to like the idea of hanging
Seriously, he must have like 150 W2 forms!
out in Times Square at New Year's.  Sure, I watch it on TV every year.  Of course, I do stay up that late.  And yes sometimes I catch it live, but since we're in the Central Time Zone most of our T.V. stations go to a taped delay so yeah, I have to wait until Midnight to watch that ball drop.  

Anyway, happy new year to you all.   This is going to be, as we all hope. a better year than the last.  If you follow me on my author page on Face Book, then you know that this year I vow to be true to what I do and to be fearless in doing it.  Since I'm starting a completely new project, and have decided to also really broaden the scope of how I market, this could be a good thing or a bad thing, but it will definitely be a different thing.

I digress, because I know you want to know if an who won the free book.  Well, we fell a little short of the 1000 views I was hoping for for the blog.  However, we did get far closer than perhaps other posts might have put the blog, so I wasn't going to be all grumpy about not giving away a book for want of a few views.  (Okay, 100 views...but still.)  

The other thing I realized that became an issue is that not all of you, my readers, have a google account and therefore posting a comment to the blog was problematic.  (A coworker brought this up to me.)  Therefore, I took not only the comments posted on the blog, but also comments posted about the blog on my Face Book Author Page or my personal Face Book page.  I put all those into a bucket and stirred and we have a winner!

As luck would have it, the winner is, yes, the one person who was able to comment on the blog itself.  So,'ll need to message me your contact info.  The best way to do that privately is to follow my Author Page if you haven't already and then message me privately there. Also, let me know which book of my six current books (or one novella) you'd like or if you want to wait for Missing in Manitowoc to come out in the spring.

As for the rest of you readers, look for more book giveaways to be coming in the new months.  I'm looking for a release of a series this year...there will be plenty of motivation for you to read what I write!  

Finally, and with the deepest gratitude in my heart, I want you to know that I really do appreciate you, my readers.  Sometimes we self published authors feel like we're sitting in a room talking to a great dark hole.  It's nice to hear from you and know that someone out there in this big, wide world, is listening.  It keeps us from looking insane to our families!  

Happy 2015 all!  Be kind to each other and let's walk through this year together!

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